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G. M. Dalui & Sons Private Limited (Formerly G. M. Dalui & Sons) started its manufacturing operations in the year 1975 in a small shed in Howrah which is on the on the banks of the river Hoogly. This river separates KOLKATA – the City of JOY from Howrah. The District of Howrah is very well known for its mushroom of small and medium sized engineering workshops where one could get anything made.

Since inception we have always believed that Quality is no longer a Business Advantage or a key differentiator but the very essence of survival of Business that leads to acquisition and retention of clients during the life of the Business. To meet this most important objective, continuous efforts are directed towards improvement in quality measurement and constantly changing the quality processes with deployment of modern technology and skilled technicians. A regular and continuous interaction between our technical team and the customers has helped us to fill the gaps in the product and any quality issues that get reported to us through this constant feedback. Our philosophy has been to proactively take corrective action wherever necessary thus avoiding customer complaints. We have BIS approval for our products and periodic Inspection is done by BIS to ensure continuity of conformity.

We believe in Participative Management and this has helped us to achieve very harmonious relations with the stakeholders as well as the employees of the Company. We have a record of not having lost a single working hour on account of industrial unrest in the last 35 years.

The organization structure of the company in keeping with our philosophy of encouraging individual initiative and innovation is aimed at decentralised decision-making, which results in quick response and timely service to our valued Customers and Business Partners.